Somali folktales added to Ebooks MN!

Are you using Ebooks MN? If not, you should definitely check it out! You can access a wide variety of reading materials for many different age groups and subjects.

Some new additions to the Ebooks MN project are four Somali folktales, available in both English and Somali. “The books help to promote and preserve heritage languages and increase English literacy skills of refugee and immigrant families in Minnesota.” These stories will be especially useful in our Central Minnesota area!

Two of the stories in the collection include:

  • Wiil Waal: ” In this clever folktale, a father reluctantly follows his daughter’s advice and has astonishing results.”
  • The Travels of Igal Shidad: “Igal walks the drought-stricken Somali landscape, searching for a better home for his family and animals, asking for Allah’s guidance along the way. As he confronts obstacles, both real and imagined, he discovers his prayers can be answered without his even realizing.”

Check out Somali Kid’s Books for videos, books, and more bilingual resources!