CMLE Library Travel Bugs

If you are here because you found a travel bug:

Congratulations! You have found one of the travel bugs dropped by the Central Minnesota Library Exchange (CMLE). We are a library system providing support to about 300 libraries of all types across central Minnesota. (

We love libraries! And we love geocaching! Putting those two ideas together, we want to send our travel bugs out into the wider world of libraries.

So this travel bug wants to move on to a library, or at least to get a photo with one! Library caches are always preferred; but it will be happy if you take a picture with your library – or even with your library’s website. If you want to tell us your favorite library story, we would love to hear it!

We encourage you to stop into your local library: school, public, academic, hospital, law, corporate, archive – or any other kind of library. Get a card if you do not already have one. Check out a few things, enjoy them, then bring them back for more things! Go to a program. Learn a new technology skill. Apply for some jobs. Lear more about your community.

Libraries are exciting places these days!! If you stop in every week: Great!! If you have not been to visit one in a while – we miss you and wish you would come see us!

Thanks for moving this travel bug along. There are thousands of libraries we want to visit – so help us along the way!


If you are here because travel bugs sound cool:

You are completely right! Visit today to check out caches and travel bugs in your area!!


If you want to track the CMLE travel bugs:

We are with you! Travel bugs can be pretty exciting. We are looking forward to checking in on their progress, to see how many libraries they visit! You can follow the links below, or just click on the travel bug on the site to get a quick email each time it moves around.

We support libraries!