Member Skills Database


This is a work in progress for us – a new idea we are trying out to provide another way to help our members.

We are building a database of skills. If you have something you need to know, or need some advice, or want to find out what someone else has tried – you can look that up here and find a CMLE member who can help you!

Are you a Harry Potter expert? Did you do an evaluation of your storytime programs last year? Have you presented a budget request to a school board? Did you present a poster at a conference? Have you done a big weed of your collection?

Any of these, and so very many other things, are skills that would be good to share!

We will be chatting with you across the system, at member events, when we happily tour your library, or when we run into you at other library events. Get ready to share your work, your ideas, and your skills with others in the system!

This will help you to contribute to the system. It will help you to find people who can point out pitfalls, who can provide some guidance, or even just sympathize about an issue you are both experiencing.

At HQ, we strive to support every member in everything you need; but we need to share the load. We want to make our system stronger, and to be sure you can connect with each other.

Add your information in the comment form below. Tell us about your skills and experience that might be useful in libraries.  Don’t be shy, and think broadly!!

Do you have questions? Add them into the comment form too, or send us an email, and we will get back to you!

We support libraries!