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Cool ways to display your books

Bookshelves are awesome!

Library people love books, and they usually tend to own quite a few. Keeping these books organized can present challenges, especially if you own a lot of them.

This article from Buzzfeed has some really unique, yet totally do-able ideas for organizing and displaying your books. Check it out and discover:

  • using an old ladder as a shelf and wall decoration
  • incorporating plants into your bookshelves
  • using rope lights to highlight your collection

Follow the hashtag #bookshelf on Instagram for more pretty inspiration, or check out this article that features 15 Instagram accounts especially for book lovers.

And of course, Pinterest has a wealth of bookshelf ideas to enjoy. Just be warned – you could spend a lot of time perusing all the shelving options!

Orville watches over some of the books and plants here at CMLE Headquarters. Do you have your books or bookshelves organized in an interesting display? Send us a picture!


Recommended kid’s books on dementia


Dementia is an issue many kids and young adults will deal with, through family members, neighbors, and friends. Recently, a library listserve from the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) had members who shared suggestions for books they could recommend to their patrons.

Many suggestions were offered. And as this seemed to be a very popular discussion, we wanted to share some of these books with our members who may also  need these in your collections! Read on, for a bunch of book suggestions: Continue reading Recommended kid’s books on dementia

Children's literature: Books that shaped the century

Share a book with a child or re-discover an old favorite!

As we near the end of 2016, there are plenty “Best Books of the Year” lists out there, which are great! But if you’ve exhausted your new literature, and are looking to add some variety (specifically, in the area of Children’s Literature), check out School Library Journal’s selection of the most significant children’s literature of the 20th century! It could be a great opportunity to find a gift, or just revisit some old favorites.

The full list has several different categories, and can be found here. Some highlights are: Continue reading Children's literature: Books that shaped the century

12 literary places to visit

alley to the oceanPlanning a trip this summer? If you like books, this article will share with you several unique literary spots not to be missed, including libraries, bookstores, and architecture!

These 12 spots were found on Google Maps so you can get both the address and an idea of the neighborhood they are in, to ensure you can locate them easily should you ever be in the area.

Check out the book benches in Istanbul, which are spread throughout the city and include the works of 18 famous Turkish writers. Or, shop for books in a castle! Hay Castle in the U.K. features an open-air bookshop.

Have you traveled somewhere with a literary influence? We want to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: http://unsplash.com/(Bertrand Zuchuat) licensed under CC0 1.0




Bookish acronyms cheat sheet

sitting on booksWhile perusing book-related sites, do you ever come across an acronym you just cannot understand?

Luckily, this article can easily be bookmarked and saved for future reference, so when you come across a book categorized as “GN YA PNR” you can figure out that it’s a Graphic Novel for Young Adults in the genre of ParaNormal Romance.

The article breaks the acronyms into sections for easy use, including: general reading, genre and demographics, organizations and event related, formats, and fun stuff.

Image credit:  https://unsplash.com/(Gaelle Marcel), licensed under CC0 1.0