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Celebrate Halloween at CMLE Headquarters!

Halloween at CMLE!

At CMLE, we love holidays! We have decorated our office and are excited to celebrate Halloween.

20161005_120613If you are in the area on Monday, October 31st, stop by CMLE Headquarters located at 570 1st St. SE in St. Cloud, MN.

We would love to show you around our space, chat about books, libraries, and other fun topics, and of course, share some sweet treats!

Costumes welcome! Hope to see you then!

Angie's recap of EdCamp MidMN 2016

empty swingsWritten Thursday, June 9, 2016
By Angie Gentile-Jordan, CMLE Office Administrator

This summer I got to be a part of EdCamp for the first time, and I’m still in awe of the positive energy from the event. Seriously, even just re-reading the notes from the sessions that I missed was fun! I’m so impressed with the amount of knowledge and enthusiasm from our local educators.

This event is what is referred to as an “unconference.” That means the agenda for the day is drawn up in real time by the people participating. A simple explanation is that one attendee names a topic they would like to learn more about, and the audience is asked if there is anyone in attendance that could teach on that topic. See here for more explanation. It was a new concept for me, but makes total sense. In the fast-paced world of K-12 education a schedule made ahead of time might not be relevant by the time the event rolls around.  You can check out the schedule from EdCamp MidMN 2016 here.

I had such a hard time choosing which sessions to go to! I was curious about all of them. But I narrowed it down to these four: Digital Organization, Digital Citizenship, Tech Integrationist Discussion, and Culture of Reading.

Digital Organization: I learned about the challenge of using technology in the most efficient way in regards to keeping students organized. Educators shared about their experiences using different platforms like Schoology, Skyward, Planbook, and even just regular paper planners. The age of the student plays a huge factor in deciding which platform to use. Parental involvement also makes a difference with how likely a student is to actually use their planning tools. There was also a discussion on how “in your face” these reminders and planners should be, and when students need to take responsibility for remembering their obligations.

Digital Citizenship: This conversation began with several attendees voicing their frustrations with using the Common Sense Media site to teach kids how to be smart online. There is also the challenge to find time within the school day to talk about digital citizenship. There was agreement that it needs to be an ongoing conversation, beginning right away in kindergarten, and that each age group needs to have it’s own tailored content. Since many schools have gone 1:1 with their devices, that presents another challenge of how to handle a situation in which a device is used inappropriately. Many in the discussion shared that taking the device away isn’t the best answer, since the student does need that device to complete schoolwork. Some suggestions were to close the App store, turn the device in at the end of the day, or just plain old detention. There was also a conversation about trying to teach students how to use social media in an appropriate way – the example was given from an instructor that created Facebook and Twitter accounts from the point of view of characters in a book that they were reading. The students then were able to use those accounts from the perspective of the characters, which gave them experience in how to create and react to content on social media and online.

Tech Integrationist Discussion: This session was a chance for tech integrationists to share the responsibilities they are tasked with at their schools, and also the challenges that go along with the position. Two challenges that were common were differentiating themselves from the IT or tech department, and getting teachers to allow them into their classrooms to help with incorporating technology into their lesson plans. Some solutions presented were sending out a Google Form to teachers asking about what they would like to learn, and then setting up an appointment, and following up afterwards. Another strategy that worked well for one attendee was trying to get “in” with at least one teacher per grade level, because people are more likely to listen to their peers.

Culture of Reading: This was by far the biggest session of the four that I attended. People were packed in the room, and some even had to stand in the doorway! It was so exciting to see people dedicated to encouraging kids to read! People shared some ways that had worked in their classrooms to help kids love to read: incorporate choice and have students select which books they actually want to read, make summer checkout available for reading over break, and featuring Book Talks so students share what they like to read with each other. Another option that sounded like fun was a “Book Tasting” where a teacher had selected books to be appetizers, main course, and then dessert, where kids were able to get five minutes to sample at each station. There was also discussion of the best ways to ensure comprehension and that the students are being challenged in their reading choices.

7407206_origThank you to all the educators that made EdCamp MidMN 2016 successful! You were all so welcoming, and I appreciated the chance to find out what content CMLE needs to feature in order to be a support to area educators.

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/(Aaron Burden), licensed under CC0 1.0

Books & Breakfast Event

i readThe Books & Breakfast Event is Back!
Saturday, February 13
9:00 am to Noon

Mary Kunesh-Podein, Library Media Specialist in Robbinsdale,  and  Sally Mays an Osseo LMS wish to personally invite you to come to the revived Books and Breakfast 2016. Say the two….”We are your hostesses –  two Library Media Specialists who have felt the loss of the annual breakfast started  over 20 years ago by Gertie Geck, beloved media specialist, librarian and bookseller.”

See the author/illustrator lineup here (32 in all); I know you will be impressed!

Register here ($35) CMLE scholarships are available for this event.

“Our hope is that you will all find yourself mesmerized and entertained by our bounty of talented local children’s authors and gifted illustrators. Enjoy a delicious breakfast on a chilly winter’s morning, purchase a variety of books to entertain yourself, your students or a young child, chat with your table mates and  authors. Know that you are with friends!”

~ Mary & Sally

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/q3p6r8n, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Snippets and Sneak Peeks Event: Winter Edition

QoR8Bv1S2SEqH6UcSJCA_TeaCalling all book lovers!On January 12th, prepare to surround yourself with yummy books and a cozy cup of coffee with colleagues. Free event. Hosted by CMLE, ITEM, and staff of Barnes & Noble.

Join us for one hour of solid gold book talks (snippets and sneak peeks of new titles).  Selections will cover a variety of genres including pre-k thru grade 12, and adult books that would be age appropriate for teens too. Please send your email reservation.  Trouble with embedded link? Send to admin@cmle.org. All are welcome, but a headcount is needed to ensure enough materials and refreshments.

Location:     St. Cloud Barnes and Noble store, (3940 Division St, St Cloud, MN 56301)
Date:             Tuesday, January 12, 2016

3:30 – 4:00      Social time, light refreshments, and meet the authors
4:00 – 5:00      Book Talks (includes short previews by authors Jackie Lea Sommers (Truest),     Kristin D. Van Risseghem (The Guardian, a Sword & Stilettos), and Aimee Bissonette (Northwoods Girl)
5:00 –            Social time with colleagues and authors and shopping

Tip: Check with your employer to see if they have already set up a B&N Institutional Account or a B&N Educator Discount Card. No? During this event, educators from Pre-K through grade 12 can sign up for a free Educator Card and receive 25% off their personal and school purchases. Why? Our event falls within Educator Appreciation Week!

Did you know that B & N does book fairs? This may be especially helpful to area high schools.

Note: Some of you may already have B & N Educator Discount Cards and may receive a B & N  invitation to another similar event at 6 pm. Because B & N usually hosts its own separate “educator” event during  Educator Appreciation Week, the authors mentioned above for our book talk event will stay for slightly longer presentations at a B & N event from 6:00 – 7:00 pm which will include an audience beyond library personnel. This event will include the same book talks covered in our earlier event.

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/ (Carli Jean), licensed under CC0 1.0

Win Great Prizes at the Edible Book Festival

ediblebooks_button (1)Time is running out if you want to register an entry!

Registrations for contest entries accepted until noon April 13. Stuck for ideas? Contact CMLE staff we have a folder full of ideas! Our ideas sometimes jump-start your even greater ideas.

Hot tip: None of the entries are ever tasted, so even if you are a terrible cook it doesn’t matter at all. Just use edible materials to create and bind your entry together!

Public viewing and voting of edible book entries is from 4-6 p.m. in the SCSU Library Lobby. No time to create? No problem. Come anyway, bring family and friends to vote for your favorite entries, then view and eat professional entries from local bakeries, listen to book-themed music from Radio Station KVSC, participate in hands on, just-for-fun assorted table activities, and try your luck at edible book visual trivia too!

Back to Prizes! Be strategic, pick the category that may land you the big win!

Individual Entries (Do you want all the glory to yourself?)

1st Place: $100 value, including a new Kindle  E-reader

2nd  Place: $80 value, including a digital photo frame

3rd  Place: $65 value, including a $30 Mexican Village certificate

Group Entries (Shy about doing your own? Get others to work with you; register as a group)
1st place = $85 value, which will include an edible celebration for your group!

Remember! You must enter to win!  Contestants must register by noon on April 13.  Registration information is available at http://scsu.mn/EdibleBooks2015.

Supporting Sponsors:  Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange, HuskyTech, KVSC, the SCSU Bookstore.