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Cool ways to display your books

Bookshelves are awesome!

Library people love books, and they usually tend to own quite a few. Keeping these books organized can present challenges, especially if you own a lot of them.

This article from Buzzfeed has some really unique, yet totally do-able ideas for organizing and displaying your books. Check it out and discover:

  • using an old ladder as a shelf and wall decoration
  • incorporating plants into your bookshelves
  • using rope lights to highlight your collection

Follow the hashtag #bookshelf on Instagram for more pretty inspiration, or check out this article that features 15 Instagram accounts especially for book lovers.

And of course, Pinterest has a wealth of bookshelf ideas to enjoy. Just be warned – you could spend a lot of time perusing all the shelving options!

Orville watches over some of the books and plants here at CMLE Headquarters. Do you have your books or bookshelves organized in an interesting display? Send us a picture!


Reading at parties isn’t rude – it’s expected!

CORI Middle School ReadingWe gather together, sit without speaking to each other, and read the books we brought. Or we meet at a bar, drink a lovely beverage, and read our books. Or we gather in a park (maybe Munsinger Clemens Gardens ??) and quietly read our books?

For how many library people does that sound like a FANTASTIC event??? Lots of us!!

And apparently this is a hot new trend!

From a PLA blog by Gretchen Kaser: “According to a recent Forbes article,[1] my thinking may not be so off-base. Megy Karydes describes Silent Reading Parties, live lit, and library bars as a growing trend of sharing literature with friends without the stress and “homework” of a traditional book club. Silent Reading Parties, coined by Christopher Frizelle in 2010, involve gathering in a bar or other locale to read in companionable silence. There is no assigned reading, and the meetings are open to all. Silent Book Club tracks upcoming parties around the world.”

Is this something you want to try in your library??? Or would you like CMLE to set up a reading party for all of us to attend?? It could be fun!

Ben & Jerry’s Book Pairings

Sounds good!

While books on their own are great, books plus snacks definitely equals a happier experience!

This article from Book Riot has an impressive list of Ben & Jerry’s flavors that the author has tried, and then she matches the flavor with a fitting book.

For example:

Empower Mint – I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai

Chocolate Therapy – Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

Triple Caramel Chunk – The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core – Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

If you’re more of a dessert beverage person, check out this article from Abe Books that features several different book and wine pairings – and then the author’s favorite books about wine, too! And not to leave out beer drinkers – enjoy this list from Buzzfeed that recommends books to go with your beer.

Happy Reading! Join us in our Goodreads groups!

New month, new books!

If you’ve been reading along each month with our Goodreads book groups, we hope you have been enjoying the selections, and learning great things to help further your professional life! If you are just joining us, fantastic! Here are the books we are reading for the month of February:

For the CMLE Librarian Professionals group, we are reading People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts by Robert Bolton.

This book addresses several different communication problems and offers solutions, in order to build more meaningful relationships. We will learn how to listen better and how to handle ourselves effectively during conflict!

For our CMLE Librarians Enjoying Books group, we continue with our theme of books about librarians with this mystery: Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay

Read about the mystery taking place at the Briar Creek Public Library when a body is found and the librarian’s friend is named as a suspect!

Happy February reading!

Warning: Don’t Eat Library Paste!

Those of us old enough to remember the glory days of actually using paste also remember the illicit thrill of sneaking tastes of it! Teachers and librarians were quick to stop it, usually exclaiming about the danger of eating paste. (Think about the stories of the danger of eating pop rocks and soda – it’s not real, but deliciously scary in the abstract!)

Did this poor man really die from eating library paste?? We have no way of knowing the reality. And while it seems really unlikely…maybe it could be a warning to patrons today who may be determined to do dangerous things in a library! (“Don’t send money to a Nigerian prince! You didn’t win the Irish Sweepstakes! The deposed head of an unnamed nation does not need you to hold his money! Look at this guy who died of eating library paste, and know we are here to look out for you!”)