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Get information on libraries: Listserves

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Subscribing to listservs is an easy way to keep up with news from around the profession. It’s always valuable to have a variety of information from people who do what you do, and who talk about things that might be useful in your library!

There are literally dozens of listserves focused on your professional interests, filled with ideas for making your skills stronger and to improve the services you can offer to your community. Continue reading Get information on libraries: Listserves

Protect Your Library the Medieval Way, With Horrifying Book Curses

Medieval scribes protected their work by threatening death, or worse.

Why is federal government data disappearing?

Censored section of Green Illusions by Ozzie Zehner

Your library probably uses federal data to help your patrons with their research and information needs. You definitely have access to an enormous amount of information, generally presumed to be reliable and valid, produced by an enormous range of federal agencies – all paid for with tax dollars and belonging to all of us.

Libraries of all types have relied on being able to provide this information to our communities – health information from the CDC, planning visits to our national parks, NASA ideas on space travel, photos from your state in the National Archives, knowing what shots to get before traveling from the Dept of Health and Human Services, information on worker’s rights from the Dept of Labor, studies done on pesticides and industrial waste in the water and soil in your neighborhood from the EPA, plans for bridge safety from the Dept of Transportation, George Carlin’s FBI file, raising chickens in your back yard from the Dept of Agriculture, and so much more.

But some of this information is disappearing, and for libraries – committed as a profession to providing and sharing information freely – this is a serious problem. In addition to the ethical challenges of hiding and censoring information, this reduces the material we can share with our communities – always a problem for us!! Continue reading Why is federal government data disappearing?

CMLE Geocaching Travel Bugs are on the move!

One of our travel bugs has had an adventure, and was left in a geocache in the Myrtle Beach State Park!

Wanting to escape the Minnesota winters, it landed in this beautiful park. The cache gets a lot of traffic, as it is located in a very busy visitors center on the beach. There is a long pier into the ocean, filled with people fishing. They have a boardwalk to escort people through the dunes area, and several hiking trails through the Carolina pine woods. It is a lovely area!

The Library Travel Bug has already been picked up from this location, and is hopefully headed to some other great location!! We will keep you updated on its progress, as well as the progress of our other Travel Bugs!

Advocate! Send a handwritten note!!

Passing this on from the ALA!

It’s Take Action Tuesday and Week 3 of the Winter 2017 Everyday Advocacy Challenge!

Send a handwritten invitation to a local elected official or staff person.

Our Week Two challenge was to make a phone call or in-person visit to a local official’s office to introduce yourself, including the elevator speech you wrote during Week One.

Continue reading Advocate! Send a handwritten note!!