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Libraries and Pop Culture: A Natural Partnership!


We have already established that library people are extremely cool, and naturally other people have taken notice of that! Libraries and library people are represented prolifically in popular culture. Last week we talked about libraries in the comics. And we are also well represented across all types of pop culture: books, movies, games, TV shows.

Pop culture is not just for fun (though, of course that would be fine!); there are many academic areas of study looking at aspects of pop culture. The Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association holds annual conferences for people involved in pop culture scholarship from across the country, as well as smaller regional conferences.

Of course, they have a section just for Libraries, Archives, and Museums! (Disclaimer: I have presented twice at their annual conferences. And it was fantastic!!)

One of my studies looked at the images of library people in pop culture, to see what kind of images people in our profession were identifying with as part of their own professional image. If you would like to build up your own reference collection of library pop culture images, here are some of their suggestions (not in any order): Continue reading Libraries and Pop Culture: A Natural Partnership!

Sixteen quotes about loving libraries

Library books
Libraries are great for so many reasons!

We all know libraries are fantastic, and good places to spend your time. Just in case you’d like a reminder though, check out this article from the Book Bub blog that features cool photos and quotes about the joy of libraries.

Here’s another article, this time from Buzzfeed, about people appreciating the importance of libraries, and this one even has lovely pictures of famous libraries!

Do you have any quotes from people that have said how much they appreciate your library or media center? Or, do you have a special shout-out to a particular library that is great? Share with us in the comments!

Community Grants from Walmart


Does your library have an idea for a program or service you could set up to benefit your community? Walmart might be able to help!

Through their Community Grant Program, the Walmart Foundation provides funds to nonprofit and government organizations serving communities. “Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have identified four core areas of giving: Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Opportunity.”

The guidelines are here; so read through them to see if your idea might fit into their funding. The deadline for this round of grants is December  31, 2016; but if your idea is more suitable for setting up later, this is an annual program.

They have set up an FAQ section here, and reading through these might give you some ideas.

CMLE Libraries: Do you want to discuss some grant ideas? Want to get some help in writing your application, or a second set of eyes? Email or call us, and we will be happy to help out on your application material!


New Minnesota Library CE Calendar

mn_lib_wordmark_color_png.png-image2993-280There is a new statewide Library Continuing Education (CE) Calendar sponsored by the seven Minnesota Multitype Library Systems. Its goal is to make it easy for library staff seeking CE opportunities & for planners of MN events to see what is already scheduled. Events on the calendar are open to all staff, although there may be some registration restrictions. Libraries & systems are invited to submit library CE opportunities to the calendar at calendar@mnlibs.info. Comments on the calendar are welcome at that address, too.

Does your library have a public identity?

 UntitledEven librarians can take tactics and ideas from politics. Recently, Rachel Korman wrote about the idea of “surfacing” on the EveryLibrary blog. “Surfacing is when a candidate emerges into the public consciousness and creates a public identity for themselves.” Libraries are already in the public consciousness you might say, but there are always special instances when properly increasing your public identity can help. That’s what the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library of Ohio ran into when they had a 0.5 levy renewal on a ballot. Asking for money on a ballot, whether for a public library or public school, can be a difficult task. That’s where surfacing comes in! Here are the steps:

Step 1: “Demonstrating candidates’ fitness for office” – communicate your plan
Step 2: “Initiating political rituals” – rallies or campaign events
Step 3: “Providing the public opportunities to learn about the candidates” – get out of the library
Step 4: “Developing voter expectations…” – what does the library do?
Step 5: “Determining main campaign issues” – create and follow a plan
Step 6: “Separating frontrunners from the rest of the candidates” – keep positive perceptions
Step 7: “Establishing candidate-media relationships” – get your voice heard

Read more about surfacing here. Maybe you can apply it to your next library campaign or just increasing your library’s footprint in the community.

Image Credit: http://tinyurl.com/mab6pc4, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0