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Save the Date: ELM Expo, Sat March 11


Several of our CMLE members are using ELM, and we could really increase that number! Sign up for this mini expo today! (And remember: we have scholarship money to give you!)

We have information on our website about the Electronic Library for Minnesota. “ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota) gives Minnesota residents online access to magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, eBooks (online books), and other information resources.

ELM provides information on a vast array of topics, including consumer information, arts and humanities, current events, health, science, social science, politics, business, and more.”

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Free online training for your patrons!


Would you like to give your patrons free access to Photoshop? Would helping them learn about video and animation at no cost to you or to them be good? How about your patrons who need to learn to use Microsoft Office – would you like some free training??

I’m sure the answer to all of that is yes!

The American Graphics Institute has established a Library Partner Program, that gives you access to self-paced online classes and digital books your patrons can use in your library. Read on, for all the details! Continue reading Free online training for your patrons!

Podcasting – Jumping in Head First


check out Maria’s actual setup – pretty cool!

(by Guest Blogger Maria Burnham, from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School; read about our visit to her library!)

I’ve been a big fan of podcasts for a long time, and I love that podcasts are, once again, on the radar and a popular topic of conversation.  Several times over the last few months I’ve heard people say, “Have you listened to [insert podcast name]?  It’s so great!”  Podcasts sometimes feel like short little audio books; perfect snippets for those of us with limited spare time or those of us with commitment issues.  I listen to popular podcasts like Serial and Hidden Brain, literary podcasts like The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor, music podcasts like Tiny Desk, and book podcasts like Book Riot.

Recently, I decided that it was time to take podcasting into my own hands.  I’m an avid reader, and because of my role as the school’s “librarian” (even though that’s not my official title), I’m often asked to help others find a book.  In conjunction, I’m also in a high school setting which can sometimes be a finicky place to get reading traffic in to the library.  High schools aren’t like elementary and middle schools where classes of kids come down once a week to check books in and out.  Instead, I often rely on the roaming traveler in the book stacks or the rare, “My friend said I just HAVE to read this book!” for foot traffic.  Podcasting seemed like the logical blending of these two situations.  I could push out my book recommendations and at the same time try to create a bit more excitement about reading and the new books we have available.

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Many of you are working on coding projects in your libraries; this is your chance to tell other people about the work you are doing! Sharing this kind of information with the larger library community helps you (you look cool!) and it helps others to get ideas and stay informed! You know that technology changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up.  This kind of sharing is a great way to do that.

So we are sharing this call for papers with you. If you want CMLE Headquarters to help you bounce around ideas, or to look at your drafts with you, or whatever else you need – we are here to help!! Continue reading Code4Libraries

Minecraft Competition? Let’s do it!!

Do you have patrons who like to play Minecraft? Let them know about a competition they might enjoy!

Welcome to the 2016 Learning Zone Minecraft Oceans Competition!

The goal is to build the best model of the Sentinel-3 or Jason-3 ocean-monitoring satellites, or get creative and design your own satellite and/or ocean monitoring system with buoys, automatic robots etc.

For the first category, we will provide you with 3D views of the Sentinel-3 and Jason-3 satellites, for you to recreate in Minecraft. Build one, two or both, the choice is yours!

For the second category, the sky is literally the limit! Go crazy thinking up an interesting design for your ocean monitoring satellite.

Show us what it can do and why and you can even design your own ocean monitoring system using the image of the Global Ocean Observing System as your inspiration.

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