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Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) Classes Start Soon!

Here is an update about some interesting training you can take to build your skills in working with kids! Remember: CMLE offers up to $200 in scholarship money to members to help you attend these kinds of opportunities.

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) encourages participants to sign up for Spring 2017 ALSC online courses. Registration is open for all courses. Classes begin Monday, April 3, 2017.

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Save the Date: ELM Expo, Sat March 11


Several of our CMLE members are using ELM, and we could really increase that number! Sign up for this mini expo today! (And remember: we have scholarship money to give you!)

We have information on our website about the Electronic Library for Minnesota. “ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota) gives Minnesota residents online access to magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, eBooks (online books), and other information resources.

ELM provides information on a vast array of topics, including consumer information, arts and humanities, current events, health, science, social science, politics, business, and more.”

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We want to give you money!!

Exchange Money Conversion to Foreign CurrencyYou heard that right! Here in January, with the Monthly Topic of Grants, we want to be sure you are able to explore all your options.

We all know that working in a library is a fast-paced, ever-changing, and exciting job! It does not matter what you are doing there, libraries are there to serve their communities and patrons and that takes all kinds of service and skills that most people would not suspect.

Keeping on top of all the new services, materials, and possibilities available in a library is hard; but CMLE wants to help you in your own professional development!

We have scholarship money available to all our members, no matter where you work and what you are doing in your library. When you find a class, a seminar, a conference, or any other kind of professional opportunity – apply to us for money! We can help you defray up to $200 in costs of your event, so be sure you take advantage of this money. Continue reading We want to give you money!!

See some Censorship? Say something!

It can be tough to know what to do if your library has a potential censorship situation. But you are not alone!! The ALA is here for all libraries, whether or not you are a member. Being part of a profession means you have resources and support – a good thing when problems happen!

From the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom:

The Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) introduced upgraded tools that make censorship easier to report and easier to track. We’ve rolled out a simpler form to document censorship and hate crime and a web page exclusively for challenge support.

Report Censorship

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CMLE Monthly Topics for 2017


At CMLE Headquarters, we strive to be sure we are giving you information you can use in your libraries on all kinds of topics. To help everyone stay focused on an area of importance to our members, we are continuing our Monthly Topic series.

For 2017, we took the topics identified by our members as the most important to them, and assigned each topic to an individual month. These were taken from our most recent Needs Analysis survey, so we are staying in touch with our member needs. Continue reading CMLE Monthly Topics for 2017