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Webinar: “Movin’ on Up: Advancing into Academic Library Middle Management”

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
2pm Eastern (11am Pacific | 12pm Mountain | 1pm Central)
Can an academic librarian who has only worked on the front lines compete with those who have supervisory experience for middle management positions? What traits are hiring committees looking for in middle managers for public services, especially in applicants with no prior supervisory experience?

This webinar presents the findings of a qualitative study consisting of interviews with academic librarians who have served on hiring committees for middle-management positions, and with public services librarians who have recently made the transition from the front lines to their first supervisory position; and an analysis of the preferred and required qualifications in job ads for middle-management public services positions in academic libraries from the last five years. The presenters use these results to provide guidance on the steps frontline academic librarians can take in order to successfully translate their abilities, knowledge, and skills into their first supervisory position.
About the Presenters:
Megan Hodge is a Teaching & Learning Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University. A former ALA Emerging Leader, Megan currently serves as an ALA Councilor-at-Large and is a doctoral student in educational research and evaluation.
Nicole Spoor is the Business Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She currently serves as the Leadership Development Director for ALA New Members Round Table and is a doctoral student in educational leadership.
Can’t make it to the live show? That’s okay. The session will be recorded and available on the Carterette Series Webinars site for later viewing.
To register for the online event
1. Go to registration page: https://goo.gl/DTk8qO
2. Complete and submit the form.
3. A URL for the event will be emailed to you immediately after registration.
Contact a member of the Carterette Series planning team with questions or suggestions:


LLAMA Webinar: “Signs of the future: Using Digital Signage in Your Library”

“The days of posting important announcements on a library bulletin board and hoping someone might see them are ending. Today’s digital signage offers many more visible and effective options. Using technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and tablets to display content as digital images, video, streaming media, and other formats, digital signage can be found in more and more libraries today. The Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) will present “Signs of the future: Using Digital Signage in Your Library,” on Wed., May 24, at 1:30 – 3:00 pm (Central time). Join us to learn tips and tricks for how to create digital signage using best practices, and how to make a case for adding affordable digital signage to your library. Continue reading LLAMA Webinar: “Signs of the future: Using Digital Signage in Your Library”

Beyond the Welcome Sign: Tailoring Immigrant Services for Success

May 11, 2017 live, and available as a recording later

“In this webinar, learn strategies from two LJ Movers & Shakers who help new immigrants feel welcomed by library and community.

There is much more to supporting immigrants and refugees than hanging out a “welcome” sign at your library. Successful programs and services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the range of populations who may come through your doors. Hear from Movers & Shakers who work with communities to empower vulnerable and often underserved populations with a sense of belonging and self-reliance. Learn innovative approaches to identifying and celebrating immigrant leaders; how to foster networking between native-born and newcomer populations and between immigrant groups of varying national origins; how to highlight immigrant-positive narratives; and more. You’ll be sure to find practical ideas among the multi-pronged strategies that these librarians have used to ensure that new immigrants really do feel welcomed by the library and the community.

This webinar is part of a series highlighting the work of recent LJ Movers & Shakers and is hosted in collaboration with Library Journal.

Continue reading Beyond the Welcome Sign: Tailoring Immigrant Services for Success

Planting Seeds of Knowledge with Free Webinars from GPO this May


Check out these free webinars from GPO, or make them available for your patrons!



Continue reading Planting Seeds of Knowledge with Free Webinars from GPO this May

Invitation to free webinar on movement-based programs in public libraries

From researcher Noah Lenstra:

“Thank you for earlier this year completing the survey on Movement-Based Programs in Public Libraries, or for expressing interest in this project.

I am emailing to invite you to participate in a free, one hour webinar open to all on June 7, 2017, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, during which the preliminary results from this survey will be shared. Please share this announcement widely. All are welcome to participate.”

Follow this link to register for the webinar:
Register for the webinar

Event: Webinar on Let’s Move in Libraries: Movement-Based Programs in Public Libraries Continue reading Invitation to free webinar on movement-based programs in public libraries