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Post-Truth: Fake News and a New Era of Information Literacy Webinar

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CMLE Members: this sounds like a very valuable webinar! Fake news is dominating the real news lately; and you want to be able to show your patrons the difference. Sign up to get the webinar emailed to you after it’s over!

Note: Due to high demand, this webinar is now full. The session will be recorded, and the recording will be available on this page after Feb. 22. Click “Get the Recording” (red button at left) to receive an email link to the recording.

A recent Stanford Graduate School of Education study found that most students, middle school through college, struggled to distinguish between credible and unreliable news articles. Many adults have the same challenge.

Can you spot fake news? Do you know how to help others differentiate between truth and fiction? Join us to learn how you can be a better ambassador for information literacy.

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Circulating Unusual Items: A Webinar


CMLE members: some of you already have unusual items you are circulating, and some of you are considering them. Everyone might enjoy this webinar on these items from the Association of Specialized & Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA)!

Join in on Tuesday, February 7!

There is a growing trend of adding “unusual items” to libraries’ circulating collections. Circulating cake pans, post- hole diggers, ukuleles, soil testers, bread machines and more is exciting and impactful, but challenging. This talk introduces and contextualizes the trend, discusses best practices, addresses common questions, and suggests a plan for adding unusual items to your own library.

One thing that makes unusual items so appealing is that they are chosen by specific libraries based on the needs and interests of that specific library’s specific community. In the presenter’s library, ukuleles and soil testers do very well, but cake pans do poorly. In city libraries, kitchen equipment does better than at the presenter’s suburban library because his patrons live in houses with more storage space than city patrons with smaller apartments. In a library with a large immigrant population, electronic translators might be successful. In a library with a low income population, WiFi hotspots might be successful.

This webinar is relevant to the membership of ASCLA because they work with specific populations with specific needs. By experiencing this webinar, they will be able to take what they learn and apply it to their populations, allowing them to serve their populations more fully and in new ways.

After participation in this webinar, you will be able to know the history of unusual items in libraries (libraries have circulated unusual items for over 100 years); Understand the acquisition cycle for unusual items (selection, purchase, packaging, circulation); Strategically choose items that will have a low cost and high impact.

Individual registration rates are as follows:
ASCLA members: $40
ALA members: $50
ALA student & retired members: $25
Non-members: $65
Group rate: $99 single login, $38/person multiple logins. (min. 2 people)
Register online OR Download the webinar registration form


Free webinars from the Government Publishing Office!

The federal government provides all kinds of great information and training – all free to use! You can explore some new ideas and skills, and provide resources and information to your patrons.

Advocacy Note: Government information is currently being censored, hidden, removed from online use, and even destroyed. This information belongs to all of us, and was created for us!! This would be a great topic to discuss with your legislators at all levels of government. Libraries support a full and free sharing of information; and government information has traditionally been a strong and reliable resource. Keep this information free, public, and available!

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MLA Educational Webinars

“At the MLA conference in Duluth we recorded two sessions which are now available free to members. These are the first of several webinars that will be made available to members over the course of the year. Some of these may be recording other MLA events such as the keynote at PLD or ARLD day and may expand to specific continuing education events that will be happening around our state. In most cases these continuing education events will be both in-person and online events. The brand new Continuing Education Committee is currently examining topics, locations and methods to bring these events to MLA members. This will be an additional opportunity for members to present outside of the conference. This new initiative for our members is very much in the planning stage so stay tuned!”

More with Less: Project Management for BeginnersListen Now!
Speakers: Kelly McBride, Director, Osceola Public Library and Anthony Molaro, Ph.D., Professor, St. Catherine’s University

BiblioTech – Bringing the Library to the PublicListen Now!
Laura Cole, Administrator, BiblioTech

Register now! SAMMIE’s Webinar for Librarians

Looking for a great Continuing Education opportunity? Another of Minnesota’s multitypes is hosting a webinar specifically for librarians!

The Southwest Area Multicounty Multitype Interlibrary Exchange (SAMMIE) is hosting an online conference on Friday, February 3rd beginning at 9am. The topics that will be covered include Event Planning at 9am, Grant Writing at 11am, Emotional Intelligence at 1pm, and Space Planning at 3pm. SAMMIE has gathered several different experts to present on the subjects.

Get more information and register here! Take advantage of this great Continuing Ed opportunity from a different multitype system! And if you are looking for more Continuing Education opportunities, make sure to check out our calendar.