Salem Press’ List of Best Library Blogs

Salem Press released its list of best library blogs this week. Salem Press stated that they are “are attempting to promote good blogs generally and draw attention to interesting and provocative news and opinion as it appears” and that they will:

1. Reward and celebrate blogs about libraries and library issues

2. Maintain a (reasonably) accurate listing of blogs so librarians can discover the amazing variety here

3.  Develop a site that points out ongoing excellence as it appears.

Listed below are the top 16 blogs according to topical categories. You may access additional recommended blogs with this link – and be sure to click on the topical categories (at the left: General, Quirky, Academic, Public School, Blog Thoughts) to open a detailed list.
General Library Blogs
First place: Libraries and Transliteracy
Second place: Centered Librarian
Third place:

Quirky Library Blogs
First place: Awful Library Books
Second place: Library History Buff
Third place: Going Green At Your Library
Another Third place: Judge a Book by its Cover

Academic Library Blogs
First place: No Shelf Required
Second place: Resource Shelf
Third place: The Kept-Up Academic Librarian

Public Library Blogs
First place: Agnostic, Maybe
Second place: Blogging for a Good Book
Third place: Library Garden

School Library Blogs
First Place: Bib 2.0
Second Place: Not So Distant Future
Third Place: 100 Scope Notes