TIES 2010 Conference Summary: A CMLE Scholarship

The following was submitted by a CMLE scholarship recipient.

Submitted by: Mark Krueger, North Junior High Media Specialist

The TIES Conference 2010 was an excellent conference. There were many very good sessions to take part in. It seemed like the focus was more mobile devices than in the past. Such devices that were discussed in many sessions were iPods and iPads. Administrators who attended the conference received their own free iPads.

The keynote speaker on Monday was Sir Ken Robinson. He was an excellent speaker. Sir Robinson talked about how each learner has strengths and weaknesses. Each person has something that they are good at and education needs to change to help develop these personalized strengths. What also made him an excellent speaker was his ability to engage the audience with humor.

Overall I thought TIES 2010 was worth the trip. It is always a good experience to meet with other professionals in the area of education and technology. It is also a great time to talk with vendors about individual school needs. I know I talked with numerous vendors for multiple hours about what they have that could contribute to my school’s success. Such tools include projectors, document cameras, and audio devices. I would recommend the TIES conference in the future for any teacher or media specialist interested in technology and education.