TIES Conference Recap: A CMLE Scholarship

The following was submitted by a CMLE Scholarship recipient. 

Submitted by: Holly Pringle, Becker High School

 For a first-timer at the TIES conference, overwhelming isn’t a strong enough word.  I spent two and a half days taking in knowledge, meeting new people, commiserating about iOS devices, talking with vendors, and realizing how much I’ve learned about technology in my first three months as a media specialist…..and how very, very, very much I don’t know yet.

 The theme of the conference was “It’s Personal!  Transforming Pedagogy with Technology”, and transformative it was!  Sessions were offered for a plethora of needs & interests, and my only disappointment was that there were so many concurrent sessions, I had to choose not to see some sessions that looked like they’d be great. I hope the whole technology integration team from my school can join me next year and we can divide & conquer to get even more out of the many sessions offered, because each session offers something, even if it’s a little something, that can come back to our district and make an impact.

Working in an “Apple” district made me interested to talk with the folks from Apple regarding mega-management of iPads/iPods and iOS devices in general, which is something that we’re constantly trying to learn more about.  Evidently, many folks around here are trying to get some of the same questions answered, and it showed me that in Becker we’re going about things in the right way.  I also had the chance to see how other districts and teachers are using iPads and iPods in the classrooms for more than just substitution, but for true and deep learning with their kids.  The most eye-opening presentation of the conference for me involved a fourth grade teacher who showed off the kinds of work his kids had accomplished using various technologies.  I was blown away at what we can help kids create with an iPad.

In all, the conference was worthwhile for me on many levels, and I’m so thankful CMLE made it possible for me to attend.