Free Art Books from DUC

The Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program (DUC) distributes books on contemporary art and culture free of charge to rural and inner-city public libraries, public schools and alternative reading centers nationwide.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the DUC´s 2012 catalogue of brand new art books (and journals, and DVDs)!

You may now browse the selection of titles from new and returning art publishers on our website,, where you may also place your order.  As always, all materials are shipped completely free of charge!


There are no restrictions on the number of titles you may request.

However, we must make certain we serve as many communities as possible with our limited resources.  We kindly ask that you order only what you need.

Each institution may place one order per calendar year.  Please consult with your colleagues and place one order on behalf of your institution; multiple orders from the same school or library will not be filled.

Once you reach the final stage of the ordering process, you will be taken to a screen listing your book requests.  This page also contains a tab that reads `EMAIL ORDER/RESERVE BOOKS´ in the top right and the bottom right corners.  You MUST click on this tab in order to submit your order (only then are the books deducted from our inventory and held for you). After your order has been submitted, you will receive an automatically-generated confirmation email.  If you do not receive this email, or if you experience any other problems, please contact us (and, if possible, do not close this final screen until we are able to confirm that the order was submitted successfully).

Due to the large volume of orders we receive, it may take up to three months to process and ship the books you request-your patience is appreciated.

One final reminder: the mission of the DUC is to distribute free art books to rural, inner city, and other underserved public schools and libraries (including correctional facility libraries).  We are unable to fill orders from private institutions.

If you have questions about the program or the ordering process, feel free to contact us at or (212) 255-2919.

We hope you enjoy the books!

The DUC Library Program

Art Resources Transfer, Inc.

The DUC aims to actively further a more egalitarian access to contemporary art, and is committed to fostering partnerships between publishers, non-profit organizations, librarians and readers to enrich and diversify library collections.  The program offers several hundred titles by a roster of major museum, gallery, and art publishers.  The program reaches readers in all 50 states and has placed over 300,000 free books in public libraries, schools, and alternative pedagogical venues.

The DUC is a program of Art Resources Transfer, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded in 1987, that is committed to documenting and supporting artists’ voices and work, and making these voices accessible to the broadest possible audience.