Youth Should Read More Non-Fiction

Read this blog post as a reminder of the value and charm of getting kids hooked on nonfiction as well as fiction. As more schools move into 1:1 computing and away from print textbooks, it is inevitable that the role of non-fiction becomes more important. Read the post from the SmartBlog on Education, then weigh in here in Leave a Reply  field below. Question: What percentage of your collection is nonfiction?

6 thoughts on “Youth Should Read More Non-Fiction”

  1. I would love to have more non-fiction books for our Elementary library, but they are so expensive! Any ideas? The students here don’t have I Pads as of yet so they rely on library books.

    1. Hey Nona

      1) Begin today to route kids to the public library. Take them there on field trips. Show them how to use the GRRL catalog to request. Send home bookmarks with library hours. Make sure the public library hours are on the school website and in every newsletter. Become familiar with public library offerings – AR levels are on all GRRL catalog entries for books that have quizzes, for example. Make sure every room in the school has a poster with library hours.

      Stephanie will help you with this, I know!!!

      2) Book fair. That is where I have been getting my books for the past few years. You do an outstanding job at the fair. Make sure parents and everyone in the area knows about it and try everything to increase your sales.

      3) Ask for donations. Maybe families have books they are no longer using. Maybe families would give a donation for a specific set of titles. Would the VFW/Legion buy a set of books on military things?

      Shoot me emails. I will try to answer questions….. And help…..


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