Got Fundraising?

Are you planning to do a fundraiser to raise money for your school or media center this fall? If so, remember to take a look at the CMLE-hosted  “Finding the Bucks” webinar recording. The webinar highlighted CMLE’s scholarship page, ideas and tips for obtaining scholarships and grants, and information about Mackin’s Funds4Books program. With the Funds4Books program, 100% of the donations received will go straight to your media center for purchasing books!

Watch for future posts about other similar tools with other book companies too, or give them a call and ask whether they have a tool to help you with online fundraising.  They are usually more than willing to help you earmark funds, to buy their products, for your library collection.

Visit CMLE’s Continuing Education page and click the “View Recording” link next to Finding the Bucks Webinar to get started.

Happy viewing, and happy fundraising!!