Help With History Day Projects

Our friends at Minitex have been hard at work to create more History Day assistance. Check it out….
September 28, 2012
New Site to Support History Day Research in Minnesota
A growing number of middle and high school teachers across the state are leading their students through National History Day projects. National History Day is an extended student research project based around a yearly theme. Students choose a topic of interest to them related to the theme and conduct detailed research on that topic throughout the semester or school year. It’s a wonderful program that teaches students how to be good researchers and imparts important skills they will use in school, college, and throughout their lives.
Minitex Reference Outreach & Instruction has just created a new tool to support and guide students (and their teachers) throughout the History Day research process. Find the History Day Research in Minnesota website at
History Day Research in Minnesota will walk students through the process of researching History Day projects. It provides guidance for the research process and recommends research sources available to Minnesota residents, including the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM).
The site is divided into six sections which can be viewed in chronological order or individually.
·         Understanding the Theme
·         Choosing & Narrowing a Topic
·         Background & Context
·         Gathering Sources
·         Bibliography
Use this site to help History Day students that you work with or share it with your teacher colleagues. History Day provides an opportunity to showcase the excitement of research, the importance of information literacy, and all that Minnesota libraries have to offer.
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