Non-Profit Works to Find Key to Blended-Learning Programs

There’s still a lot to learn about different types of blended learning models, and a new nonprofit called Silicon Schools will raise and invest $25 million toward that effort. So far, they have raised $12 million, and they aim to fund new and innovative approaches in existing blended learning programs with grants to schools.

Blended learning is a relatively new concept with a mixed track record. Integrating certain types of technology into the classroom gives teachers and students real-time feedback so that each student can work at his or her own pace, and can give teachers accurate information that can help them better group students according to comprehension levels on specific subjects. But, educators point out that too often, ed-tech focuses on improving test scores rather than on building creative thinking and a passion for learning in students and that schools still need passionate, innovative and dedicated teachers, no matter how kids absorb the content.

Read the full article at Mind/Shift, October 17,2012