Social Reading: The Next Big Thing?

So, I came back from the MLA and MEMO conferences charged up with new ideas, which is a good thing!

And, maybe because of some new awareness, three interesting things have converged in my world within the last two weeks….

  1. One task I assigned myself is to finally enter my book collections into Goodreads, and take the hundreds of scraps of paper containing  books I want to read, and enter them in my “to read” Goodreads shelf too. Now that there is a mobile app, I can go to the library and easily pull up my wish list right on my phone. And yes, eventually I can even scan in the new bestsellers while out shopping, that I want to read, but am too frugal to buy! So, I am well on my way with Goodreads!
  2. Then, I heard about Subtext, an app that allows groups of people to read books together online, and comment in the margins, highlight text, do polls, and other things you might expect to do verbally in a face-to-face bookclub. Free books, by grade levels too, so this app has K-12 schools written all over it!
  3. Then, I discovered a literature blog  called, The Hub: Your Connection to Teen Reads, from YALSA,the Young Adult Library Services Association of ALA. This site provides a one-stop-shop for finding information about teen reads, including recommendations for great teen reads, information about YALSA lists and awards, book trailers and other book-related videos, and best of the best lists. They also just did a series of posts about “The Next Big Thing”, and the one about social reading caught my eye. Amazingly, they mention Goodreads and Subtext as tools for new online bookclub possibilities. So now, my head is buzzing with other new possibilities.  Read the full  blog post at

Please share your comments about whether you use Goodreads or Subtext, and whether you already host or participate in online book clubs in your personal or professional life. Maybe we can form a little bookclub community!

3 thoughts on “Social Reading: The Next Big Thing?”

  1. I am using Goodreads sporadically. I barely find time during the school year to read, let alone log my reading. I think it is good to find one tool to use and stick with it. Otherwise, one is constantly cross posting and wondering where one read or posted that last comment or title!

    1. Sigh…at one point I had lots in Library Thing, but now it seems Good Reads is the preferred tool. Does anyone know about importing Library Thing data into Good Reads?

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