Staying Connected with CMLE via Email

CMLE wants to stay connected with you! One of the ways we do this is by sending specific and targeted emails to five distinct listservs. We do our best to keep the messages basic so that the email isn’t blocked or marked as spam by your email service; however, we have found that some of our library personnel struggle with this quite a bit. Below we’ve provided some key information about staying connected with CMLE – feel free to apply some of these techniques to other contacts you wish to stay in touch with as well!

Have you noticed that many important emails are showing up in junk folders or on spam reports?   This problem can easily be fixed in five (maybe more) ways.

  1. The best way of preventing  important emails from going into your spam report or junk folder is to add the sender(s) to your safe senders list. See the section below for CMLE addresses to add to your safe sender list. In Outlook software, go into the junk folder, right click on a spam message, and add the sender to your safe sender list.
  2. Add important senders to your Contacts list. If you use Outlook, each time you add a person to your Contacts list, that person is automatically added to your safe sender list.
  3. The last way is by taking people off of your blocked senders list.  Once a sender ends up in your spam folder, that sender’s emails may (or may not) continue going there. This is because in some email  programs, some contacts in the spam folder are automatically added to the blocked senders list.  You will want to go into your blocked senders list. Remove the important people from this list so you will still get their messages.
  4. Have you tried the three options above and still haven’t gotten anywhere? Or, are you just not sure about this whole process? Print out this blog post, take it to your tech person, and ask for their assistance in putting the addresses in the next section on your Safe Senders list (sometimes also referred to as a whitelist).
  5. Have you tried the options above and aren’t able to work with your tech support? Contact Kate Bessey at for help!

CMLE Addresses to Add to your Safe Sender or Contacts List

Most of our members can easily spot which listserv below that they would be included on. Board members or those not necessarily affiliated directly with a specific library type, may fall into Other. Consider your work setting, then select which of following five selections below as the most probable list you would reside on.  Please add it to your safe senders list (some email services also call it a whitelist).

  1. Academic Library Listserv:
  2. K-12 Library Media Center Listserv:
  3. Public Library Listserv:
  4. Special Library Listserv:
  5. Other Listserv:

In addition, it is important to make sure you can receive email from the following three email addresses by adding these to your Contacts or safe senders list. (Patricia Post) (Kate Bessey) (This email sends you overdue and cancellation letters on your CMLE interlibrary loan items, and it is also used by our ILL Assistant, Danielle.)

Final Important Tip

Please remember to check your Junk folder or spam report at least once a week. Sometimes, a subject line on a message will send an email to your Junk folder, even if messages from that person don’t typically go there, and even if they are included on your safe senders list and on your Contacts list.

CMLE cannot guarantee that all of our 319 member libraries receive all pertinent emails sent from our office. Your diligence in checking your spam folder and addressing problems as outlined in this communication are very much appreciated and will go a long way towards ensuring that you will receive emails about promotions, discounts, and free offers. Thank you.