14 Ways Public Libraries Are Good for the Country

An oldie but a goodie, this information has been offered before in other venues. It resides on the iLoveLibraries.org site (an initiative of the American Library Association). This little list is a great source to review so you have a solid set of talking points as we move into new relationships with legislators. You always need to have your “elevator speech” ready!

It is sometimes harder (takes more time too) to explain and speak to the virtues and issues of special, school, and academic libraries, because without a full explanation about funding streams and mission, it is easy jump to a conclusion of redundancy. But most legislators fully understand public libraries, a well-loved, well understood concept. The concise little list of 14 is available at http://tinyurl.com/8ryvrfx 

*The list linked to in this post originally appeared in the Librarians Books of Lists (Chicago: ALA Editions, 2010).