Learnist: Like Pinterest only Different?

We can tell from our blog stats that many of you either already love or have an interest in Pinterest. Learnist is a website (app) that is similar to Pinterest and is designed for educators. Read about how English teacher Hauna Zaich uses Learnist in her eight and tenth grade classes. Zaich says, “This year, I wanted to incorporate elements of a flipped classroom into my teaching, and I found that Learnist was a great tool for that. In the classroom, I’ve used Learnist as a practical option for my lessons, and students were receptive to the Learnboards I created to teach grammar. (Here are two that I used to help teach tenth graders about passive and active voice and verb tense and verb agreement.) I think my students found the mix of reading, examples, videos and online practice activities to be helpful.” Read the full article at Edutopia.org/Hauna Zaich’s blog (11/12)