Just for Fun: Sassy, Funny, and Silly Librarian Calendars

Wowza! Have you noticed the uptick in the number of librarian calendars of late? Librarians have likely always struggled with their “image”… however, articles like the recent Personal Branding for Librarians from ALA, and What a Librarian Looks Like from the Huffington Post blog point towards the fact that the image struggle still continues… maybe even more so!

So, what’s a librarian to do, you ask? Increasingly, the answer seems to be …. create a librarian calendar! (Okay, so maybe the real reason is to raise money, but it’s really all about the image, right?!)

Here are a few of my favorites! 

Zombies in the Library

2013 Tattooed Youth Librarians of Massachusetts

Cat Librarian Calendar 2013 (may not actually “help” our cause!)

And… we can’t forget 2012’s Men of the Stacks

Have you ran across any fun librarian calendars or sites? Share here!