50 Great Mobile Apps for Librarians

The theme of the 16th annual Internet Librarian Conference this year was Transformational Power of Internet Librarians: Promise & Prospect. As the conference planners point out, Internet librarians have been revolutionizing the Net for many years, and are poised to transform their communities in exciting new ways. Technologist  keynote speaker David Weinberger said, we have to “build networks that make us smarter.” This event showcased leading-edge tools, strategies and techniques for transforming campuses, communities and organizations.  One of the presentations that might interest you was given by Richard Le, SanRafael Public Library, and Tom Duffy, San Francisco Public Library. Together they shared the 50 mobile apps most useful to them as librarians. Its always interesting to compare your favorite tools to theirs to see how many are a match.

Go to their  slideshare presentation at http://50apps.weebly.com/presentation.html and who knows, maybe you will pick up at least one new tool that perfectly suits your needs. I know I did!