EduTech Smackdown Open Mic Night

On December 3rd at 7:00 PM Dr. Joyce Valenza will be hosting TL Virtual Cafe’s EdTech Smackdown Open Mic Night. The event is free and open to all.

Valenza will be sharing her trend list and some of her favorite tech discoveries. The event will be moderated by Gwyneth A. Jones, aka The Daring Librarian and Tiffany Whitehead, aka The Mighty Little Librarian.

Moderators encourage moving beyond listening to sharing during this Open Mic Night! If you’re interested in sharing your own exciting discoveries of the year, please grab a slide/slides and add to the crowd-sourced presentation/book in advance. Share your best recommendations for tips, resources, etc. and help build the interactive resource book.

Those interested in attending the event on December 3rd at 7:00 PM can use this Participant Link.

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