Librarian – One of the Ten Least Stressful Jobs?

StressCNBC’s January 3rd article, The 10 Least Stressful Jobs of 2013, lists Librarian as the ninth least stressful job of 2013. CNBC’s information comes from CareerCast’s annual list of Least Stressful Jobs of 2013, compiled by publisher Tony Lee. Lee sites that Librarian positions are one of the least stressful because “You’re working in a comfortable environment. Your job is to help people use services as best as possible. Given that environment, stress levels are low.” The article goes on to point out that libraries are quiet and you’re surrounded by books  — and books don’t talk back or demand anything from you.

Yikes, really? When is the last time the authors stepped into a library or considered the duties of a degreed librarian? Also, while books might not talk back or demand anything, our patrons certainly will… and if not our patrons, then certainly our supervisors, directors, deans, and board. In most cases, unless you’re running your own library… you have someone to report to!

In response to the CNBC article, the Screwy Decimal: Tales from an Urban Librarian blog, posted an blog article titled 5 Reasons Being a Librarian is Stressful. In it, the author highlights five categories of why librarian positions are stressful – but the author didn’t compile the list without a little help! The five reasons are a compilation of tweets from the author’s fellow librarians and colleagues about their daily stresses as a librarian. In summary, our work is not easy — not easy at all — and people that assume it’s an easy job, often have an antiquated view of the profession and of libraries as a whole.