School Media Articles Worth Reading

Article One: Have you read  the January  School Library Journal  article, Partners in Success: When school and public librarians join forces, kids winRead the story of how Leslie Yoder, a digital literacy and learning specialist with St. Paul’s public schools and Ramsey County Library teen librarian  Marcus  Lowry have found creative ways to work together. We know that some schools in our region already partner with their public libraries. Please consider sharing your stories with me, and I can share them more broadly through a blog post. Your colleagues really want to hear your story.

Article Two: I know this article will really irritate some folks, but the truth of the matter is that there will be more schools considering new models or possibilities for media centers, and yes, in some cases, the hardcopy books may disappear altogether! It is an important time to make sure you are at the table when important discussions about the future of your school occur. Use the comments area to share what you think about what this Minnesota school did….The article is titled  School Library Thrives After Ditching Print Collection. The Digital  Shift, Jan 8.

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  1. The collaborative effort between public and school media centers is where I live! As most of you know, I have served both public and school for 25 years and have found the model extremely effective. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. However, there now exists a drawback for which I have no solution – how do the systems continue the collaboration?

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