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Curious about technology terms you have been hearing around the office, during conferences, or in conversations with co-workers? 

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The simple art of reading use to entail holding a hard-copy of a magazine or book. Today it may also mean downloading an electronic file readable on multiple devices (Ipad, Iphone, Laptop, eReader…) which are offered by various companies (Barnes & Noble, Sony, Amazon…) in numerous models (Kindle, Nook, Pandigital, Kobo…).

Today the technology industry is moving at a phenomenal pace. The options for how we collect, absorb, store, and share information has exponentially increased both personally and professionally. Along with this paradigm shift, there is a myriad of terms used to describe these new ventures such as hashtags, avatars, routers, cloud computing, and so much more!

  • In an effort to fill your tool box, the CMLE “Recommended Ed Tech Tool” is a site called Tech Terms. It is a virtual clearinghouse of technology terms and meanings; searchable alphabetically or by category (internet, hardware, software, acronyms, etc.) providing simple, easy to read explanations.