Recommended Ed Tech Tool: DigitalLearn!

Some rights reserved by Wikimedia Foundation
Some rights reserved by Wikimedia Foundation

Digital is a new beta website-launched this month!

If you have learners that struggle with the computer basics this site is for you. It provides free tools, techniques and tips to help build confidence with technology (email, internet searching, etc.) It is sponsored by the Public Libraries Association (PLA) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, however the tutorials can be viewed by any patron looking for help.

The main page is divided into two sections, one for the patrons (learn) and the other for support staff  (help learners).  The link for support staff will take you to a form to request additional information about future services and tools; so for a quick application of this ed-tech tool the “learn” tab will be extremely useful.

Please keep in mind that because this is a new beta site, the contents will continue to grow over time!