Flipped Classroom Event Coming This April!


More and more educators are considering incorporating the concept of a flipped classroom in there schools. The learning ideology “flips” traditional teaching methods by delivering instructional content online and outside of class time. Then, class time is used to further analyze and explore the learned concepts individually or in groups. If you would like to learn more about this topic, CMLE has developed a libguide click here to read more=>

Event Materials

On April 12th, the Minnesota Educational Media Organization (MEMO) in collaboration with Total Information for Education Systems (TIES) and The Flipped Learning Network, are hosting an all day event titled,  “The Flipped Classroom and You.” Registration is $65, and can be discounted for groups of 6 or more.

Follow these links for additional information on the event, to register and/or to submit a proposal to participate as a presenter.

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  1. MEMO has added to the line-up for this event-Kristin Daniels from Stillwater Public Schools. Her keynote presentation will address the school’s pilot project, flipping 5th grade math. Daniels will openly discussing the trials and triumphs that paved their way to becoming one of the national leaders in the arena of flipped learning.

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