A Waterfall of Recycled Books in Spain!

Casa de America, Madrid
Casa de America, Madrid Photo by Cubeme

Linares Palace is in a privileged location in Madrid. Its façades are juxaposed to the Plaza de Cibeles Square, Recoletos Avenue and Alcalá Street. The building was constructed in 1873, by order of the Marquis of Linares. It is now home to the Casa de América, and its rooms serve as a venue for a range of cultural activities.

Last year, Spanish artist Alicia Martin created a unique sculpture incorporating recycled books. Marin’s eye-catching work features a cascade of more than 5,000 books falling from the second floor window and continue to spill onto the street below. This creative book sculpture looks like a waterfall frozen in time.

Just for fun, take a moment to peruse other work by this artists.

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