CMLE Interview: Book Trailers in the Making

Deb Disher, Media Specialist
Deb Disher, Media Specialist

Last week QR Codes were CMLE’s featured Recommended Ed. Tech Tool & App. This week we interviewed Debbie Disher, Media Specialist at Holdingford Area Public Schools. Debbie is incorporating these little black boxes in a very unique way!

Book Trailers: Take one and ACTION!

Q: How are you using QR codes?
A: At Holdingford Public Schools we are creating QR Codes that hold book trailers so students will be able to access additional information about a book using their iTouch or iPad. We are currently focusing on content appropriate for 5-6th graders. In the high school we are thinking about using QR codes to create short how-to videos for students using their Edline account or certain databases.

Q: What sparked the idea?
A: I had been reading articles. I also heard about QR codes at a couple of conferences I had recently attended.

Q: Your goal was to…
A: Get students excited about books (new and old titles) that they might not check out otherwise.

Q: What resources have you been using?
A: For the trailers, we use Google search and YouTube in which the bulk of the trailers have been done by other students. The QR Codes themselves are generated using a free site made available by QR Stuff.

Q: Any challenges?
A: Finding quality book trailers.
A: The process from start to finish is more time consuming then we anticipated.
A: Finding unique ways to display the QR Codes themselves. We are planning on placing them on the back of the books by the check-out bar code and designing a display for the wall that can be posted in the library.

Debbie’s question(s) for other CMLE Members?
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Q: How have others incorporated QR codes in their libraries and/or teaching?
Q: Are kids really using them?

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