Feature Libraries: Children’s and Book Day!

Some rights reserved by Pat Mora
Some rights reserved by Pat Mora

April 30th is a celebration of children, families and reading!

The creative world of fantasy, colorful graphic books, sumptuous story lines and classic tales epitomize the ideals of a child’s world where anything is possible.
The first celebration of Children’s Day occurred in 1925 to bring to the forefront the importance of children and their well-being. Then in 1996, author Pat Mora proposed linking Children’s Day and Book Day; marrying the two concepts into what we know it as today.

Consider how your library can encourage reading and imagination on Children’s and Book Day Tuesday, April 30th?

  • Ideas and additional information can be found at the American Libraries Association website.
  • Resources for children’s books appeared in a previous CMLE post for D.E.A.R. Day which includes the 2013 List of Notable Children’s Books.

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