Recommended EdTech Tool: Quizlet

QuizletThis week CMLE highlights the Quizlet learning site; A clearinghouse of content created by teachers. In its basic form, the subject matter is presented as a virtual flashcard that allows the content to be read and/or spoken.  To capture the attention of various types of learners (visual, verbal, etc.), the learner may select how the content is arranged-image only, answer only, or both. Then the learner is able to study, test, self assess and even select associated games. As a  teacher, you  may also incorporate tools to embed the content in a presentation to a class, print materials for handouts, etc.

How is this tool relevant to libraries?

Libraries themselves are clearinghouses of information. Media Specialists/Librarians are stewards of this information by assisting learners to both assess and properly incorporate their findings. In the search box on the Quizlet site, I entered the word “library”. Several links appeared. Here is an example of what I found: 16 Basic Library Terms students need to know when using the media center.

How to use this tool?

  • Search for a specific subject in the box located along the top of the site.
  • A list of multiple prerecorded flashcards will appear.
    • Hover over the title for additional information.
  • Click on the link to begin testing out the content provided.
    • Some information is offered in another language.

Remember teachers are free to become content creators as well as users!