Libraries Aid Preservation

Image by CharlesCarstensen some rights reserved
Image by CharlesCarstensen some rights reserved

Libraries are repositories of information that are often quickly associated with books, journals, and other tangible resources. However, they are also conduits to preserve community/family stories-some of which have yet to be cataloged (intangible).  This month @ your library, an American Library Association (ALA) campaign, provides a list of resources for libraries to assist patrons in collecting and maintaining  their stories. Included are links to information on how to conduct an oral history interview, ways to research ancestry, develop a family archive and make a time capsule. In addition, in honor of military month this May, a special section has been added for military families.

Tip:  Teachers, with summer approaching, this may be an excellent project for students to work on as they spend time with family on vacation; in the car, at the lake, or around the dinner table.  Additionally, what creative ways does your library encourage/facilitate these conversations?

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  1. From a community perspective, there is a growing interest in preserving public history. Here is a link to a quick video about a website called Historypin.

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