Resources for Aspiring Writers!

Writing is a struggle against silence.  ~Carlos Fuentes

Writing! Photo by Eruchhh and retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.

Writing can be filtered by many genres; biography, business, memoir, fantasy, science, etc. Regardless of the form it takes, writing is a powerful tool to convey thoughts, ideas, and concepts. However, writing can also be a solitary and isolating endeavor. In April, Open Educational Database (OEDb) released a list of 150 Useful, Educational, and Inspirational Blogs for Aspiring Writers. This post is intended for authors looking for insight, encouragement or inspiration. It is also for seasoned authors interested in networking or brainstorming with a peer/peer group.  These resources may make the difference between a completed project or a draft, a published book or unpublished manuscript.

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