MILE Participant: CMLE Scholarship Recipient!

Minnesota Library Association (MLA) Institute for Leadership (MILE) encourages and promotes leadership regardless of the position a person holds with in a library . The following post was submitted by CMLE scholarship recipient Sarah Seeley, Branch Assistant, Great River Regional Library-Buffalo. 

My experience at MLA’s Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE) exceeded my expectations on every level.  I met fantastic people, both attendees and presenters, and discovered leadership skills I had never identified. I also learned new techniques and forums for library leadership that I know will serve me throughout my library career.

The most valuable part of the retreat for me was identifying and understanding my own personal leadership themes, discussions of how those themes interact with other individuals, and strategies for building good teams with various leadership styles.  I have already begun using this new understanding back at my job, and know it will continue to benefit me in the future.

I enjoyed learning about various forums for library advocacy and techniques to get the message out about libraries in Minnesota and the nation.  We also had a great coach who led discussions and exercises about keeping yourself and staff engaged and effective at work and in life.

On the last day we set a number of goals for ourselves to be achieved in the next eighteen months.  Going forward I will be working with a mentor for advice, coaching, and accountability toward those goals.  I am thrilled with the mentor I have been assigned and have already begun work on my goals, all of which will have a great effect on my work and within our library system.

I appreciate the support CMLE has provided for my attendance at the MILE program. I recommend it to anyone interested in leadership in the library field.

Sarah Seeley

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