Your Voice: More Great Things Happening in Your Libraries

Image by Wertheim. Retrieved from FlickR. Used under Creative Common's licensing.
Image by Wertheim. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Common’s licensing.

Welcome to Your Voice, a column that shares Quick Question Poll (QQP) results from libraries/school media centers in the twelve-county, CMLE region. Whether a statistical response or textual response to open ended questions, your voice matters. Invitations to engage in the polls arrive in your email; please participate! Most poll results will be shared in aggregate form unless stated otherwise in the poll or through additional approval arrangements.

Part 1 of this post happened last week. If you want to  catch last weeks’ column, feel free to read it first!
In answer to one of our recent poll questions: Which two or three things are going especially well for you in your library, school district or media center, we share the following quotes…..
  1. Many donations to keep the library up to date on newer books, very few lost books through the school year.
  2. Library remodel. Collection development.
  3. Circulation remains strong. Our district is supporting a movement toward a 1:1 laptop program. Our program continues to receive strong district support.
  4. We are extremely busy and the numbers for library use of all kinds look great and are rising. We are getting additional space when we move over to the new building the college has purchased to house the library. Our administration is very supportive of our library.
  5. The “library without walls” environment continues to be amazing—with all of the e-resources available to our students and staff, we can enhance learning in ways we dreamed of!
  6. Personal goal of using more technology in my lessons and student options for technology use. Implemented iPod touches.
Good things are happening…’s easy to focus on what is wrong or not getting done, but reflecting on what is right can enrich your work life. If you would like the full story on any poll results we share, let us know and maybe we can arrange to get more detail for a future blog post!
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