MEMO 2013 Conference Note

Image by MEMO. Conference Logo 2013.
Image by MEMO. Conference Logo 2013.

Were you unable to attend the recent MEMO Conference in St. Cloud? Did you attend the conference but upon returning to work you were completely buried as a result of taking time off to invest in yourself? Perhaps you cannot even find those notes you took during the conference.  No matter what your story is, Michelle Kiley and I attended the conference in order to report back some of the things  we learned, and to help you feel more professionally connected too. With that in mind,  some conference resources you may find interesting and helpful include:

Joyce Valenza’s keynote presentation  

Presenter resources

Twitter hash tag for the conference was:  #mnmemo.  Many MEMO colleagues  were tweeting  during the conference and often embed links that may not be made available anywhere else, so check it out!

Tip: Through social media I often find out the Twitter hash tag for national conferences I am unable to attend. Then when I go into my Twitter account, I do a search for the hash tag to view conference content. Sometimes, even the keynotes are available in this way. Try it out!