We've Learned: ECRL

We’ve Learned… is designed to keep our readers informed about news concerning personnel in CMLE libraries/media centers. Please keep us informed of any “happenings” regarding staff members in your area so that we can include them in the next write-up! Happenings can include: changes in staffing, awards, honors… you get the idea!

  • Carla Lydon, ECRL Assistant Director, was elected to the MLA Board
  • Friends of the Cambridge Library won the Evy Nordley Award for Best Project by Friends of Libraries (see article below).  This was the 2nd time they won the award, they also won in 2009. (The Friends of the North Branch Library were also nominated for the award this year)
  • The “Hall of Fame” listed 2 longevity of membership award winners: Katherrine Morrow for 10 years and Tom Sauer for 5 years
  • Vickie Sorn, as Chair of the State Summer Reading Program Committee, oversaw the information booth introducing the new Illinois iReads program that will begin in 2014
  • Karen Lee was a co-presenter for the program by the Minnesota Association of Library Friends about Friends programs and also accepted the award for the best program
  • Lisa Wagner was a conference volunteer, and introduced programs. She also was a contestant in the Thursday night trivia contest
  • Sarah Hawkins, in charge of ECRL’s Twitter marketing initiative, tweeted highlights throughout the conference.

Content above is an excerpt from East Central Regional Library’s E-Connect (October 2013.)