Register Now for 23 Mobile Things

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The Daredevil: Are you the daring sort that never reads the directions?  And, if so, do you feel ready to dive right into the 23 Mobile Things program? If so, go to to get started. You can create a whole new blog, or, you can use an existing blog as long as we can tell when you are blogging about your progress in the program! Note: If you really get derailed, we may have trouble helping you out of the ditch, but daredevils often don’t ask for help anyway, right?

The Rules Person: Do you just feel much better if you read all of the instructions first? No shame in that, and it is possible you may not end up “in the ditch” along the way. Go to the Welcome page at While you are there, click on the Frequently Asked Questions  too, just for good measure!

The In-Betweener: And then we have the group that starts to read the FAQ’s, gets distracted by  a link, and they are off! That is ok too, just be sure to bookmark the site so you can easily find your way back to the general program information when you need it!

We will send out blog posts during the program to keep everyone on track! Thanks in advance for participating….am hoping to see good participation in Central Minnesota. No pressure, but yes, there is a wee bit of competition across multitype regions, so make me look good!  🙂

The 23 Mobile Things Program is sponsored by the  Minnesota Multitype Library Systems