TIES Conference: CMLE Scholarship Report

The following post was submitted by CMLE scholarship recipient Paul Moe,  Sartell Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist

TIES 2013 Conference – Fast Forward; Transforming Pedagogy with Technology

moeI would like to thank CMLE for accepting my scholarship application!

I had a very good time at the TIES conference and  attended many excellent sessions. I  was able to find several new iPad apps that we are currently using in our schools. I also attended a few sessions on how other districts are managing their iPads. I found that we are all going through a rapidly changing time, which makes it hard to manage these new devices easily. It was nice to see that even large school districts such as St. Paul are dealing with the same issues we are.

I was also able to make some connections with colleagues from other school districts and have started setting up some meetings to discuss our uses of Schoology. We are hoping to have a google hangout with a few other districts to share what’s working and what is not with Schoology and iPads. The evenings were also filled with lots of sharing on how things are going with iPad carts with a group from Grand Rapids. They are trying to decide on which device to purchase and had many questions about the iPads. I was also able to attend a social sponsored by Schoology where I was able to get some inside information on future updates and changes. As is the case with most conferences, I left with tons of new ideas but will focus on a few new apps and improving our use of Schoology.

Thank you again for the opportunity.