23 Mobile Things Update

icon_23_100px1Our Mobile Things participants are off to a great start!The adventure has started!

Registration opened on Jan 15; more than 300 people have registered to participate in 23 Mobile Things. And in the CMLE region, we currently have 56 people registered. A few individuals in our region are dangerously close to earning their first badge for completing five of the Things. I can’t help but notice that  many 23 Things On a Stick “grads” (from five years ago) have signed up for this version of the program. Individuals tell me that they enjoy learning at their own pace, in the privacy of their cube when they really mess up! I often learn the most when things don’t work out quite as I had planned! So, don’t be afraid to try things and take a winding trail if needed to meet your learning goals. But what if you mess up, and get really stuck? Now it might be time to look over your cube wall to your colleague! See how far they are in the program, and whether they may have the same problem. And, if you get really stuck, you can always email  us at minn23@gmail.com. When you get yourself out of the ditch, be sure to post about your struggle, as you may very well help someone else out as they read your blog post!

Reminder: 23 Mobile Things is open to all staff in Minnesota libraries, as well as their Boards & Friends. It may be helpful to find a group to connect with via your blogs or in person to provide mutual support & encouragement. You can see all of the registered blogs in a region by clicking on a region’s name in the sidebar of the site. Here are those who have registered in CMLE . Tip: See what people are saying on Twitter about 23 Mobile Things by following the hashtag #23ThingsMN  and  join the conversation.

Registration runs through Feb 15 and the program ends Jun 15. We estimate that it takes about an hour per app to do the program, so whether you are doing it on “library time” or on your own time, plan to spend about 25-30 hours over the course of the 6 months.

If you are undecided about the program, read the Welcome & the FAQs to get a sense of what’s ahead. Then fire up your device, register, & get appy!

Adapted from a recent  post by Metronet, the Twin Cities multitype library system.