23 Mobile Things: How Are We Doin?

icon_23_100px1Try to remember waaaaayyyyy back to January. I know we have all been through a whole lot of winter since then, you may be sitting in a snowbank as you read this, but winter is a perfect time to hunker down, let the wind howl, and take care of some of your online learning needs. When spring finally arrives it is often much harder to stay inside….but with the 23 Mobile Things program, you will be able to be outside with your device still working your way through the program.

Many of you are doing well, and are well on your way. Some who registered are still struggling to move beyond that first post! We want everyone to  reach their learning goals in this program, whether that is learning one new thing, or completing all 23 to be in the drawing for prizes.  Share your successes, struggles or frustrations in your blog posts, and our coaches will try to encourage or assist in whatever way helps you feel successful! See you online…

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