Hasbro produces "DohVinci" Play Doh 3D Printer

PlayDohHave you been thinking that 3D printing is too “far out” to consider? Think again…..in order to offer kid friendly 3D printing, Hasbro will soon offer the  DohVinci! It uses a kind of Play-Doh that comes in fine-tipped cartridges that hardens overnight! There is some disagreement about whether this is truly a printer or simply a new Hasbro extruder tool (which is not a new concept). The thing that is different is the new formula for the doh. Sounds like fun to me no matter what you call it,  and a good possibility for a makerspace or fab lab. Or on my kitchen table with the grandkids!

Get the full scoop at First handheld 3D Play-Doh printer

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