Marketing Idea: Library Shelfies

StackofbooksWith all of the media coverage about Ellen’s Oscars selfie recently, it stands to reason that everyone, including librarians have selfies on their minds!

However, selfies for libraries? Why not?

Q: What do you get when bookshelves full of books (and other items) pose for a picture?

A: A group “shelfie”!

I give a lot of credit to the Akron-Summit County Public Library for a great visual pun, and for a clever marketing idea too! The library has been staging “shelfies” of cleverly planned photos of book and other materials on its library shelves, and they are getting  smiles from their social media followers. Read this article to hear about some shelfies the library put together, and to find out how to follow the library’s shelfie exploits!  What a great way to get the creative energy flowing in library staff as they market materials and demonstrate their creativity and sense of humor too!

Note: The New York Public Library even got in the act by declaring a Library Shelfie Day on January 29th. Read the blog post for all of the details.