63 Free Library Webinars in April

Some rights reserved by kodomut
Some rights reserved by kodomut

OK, 63 is a lot, but take a moment to consider the best course of action! First consider your most pressing topical needs….


  • Before you begin perusing the list of possibilities, you need a plan….start a Word doc to help you stay organized.
  • If you have lots and lots of questions on those pressing topics, you may want to attend those webinars live, so you have an opportunity to ask questions that still might not be answered during  the presentation.
  • Put the most pressing ones first (the question ones) in a April Live Webinars  category in your doc
  • See if  the dates for live work for you, register or check whether you need to register, and put them in your calendar.
  • If you have a conflict and cannot attend live, move them to the next category in your doc, perhaps Learning When I Have Time!
  • Hopefully, all of the links will transfer into your Word doc, so in a moments notice, you can click on the link and go!

The beauty of webinars is that almost all of them allow you to view the content when you have time to focus and learn, which is important! I often have to clear my desk, or turn papers upside down, so I do not get distracted and just do other work while the webinar is happening.

Huge thanks to Open Education Database (OEDB) for their continued work in offering this compilation of high quality learning opportunities each month, which is simply priceless.

Tip: If attending live, pay careful attention to the time zone listed!

And, the precious  link to this month’s delectable list is http://tinyurl.com/mmauljw