DCL eBook April Report

Glasses Hey Paul StudiosIf you have never looked at one of these reports, it is good to remind ourselves of a few things. First, you can readily see which eBooks are currently most popular for a given month. But the main point of the report is to pay close attention to the difference in pricing of eBooks for Libraries versus eBook pricing for Consumers. James LaRue makes a couple of good points: “First, self-published works don’t always make it onto this type of list, even if they are wildly successful, when they lack an ISBN. Second, DCL staff couldn’t get into Bilbary despite repeated attempts, so that column has been removed.”…

Go to DCL ebook report, April 

The PDF file  is also available for the pricing comparisons.

Most consumers, legislators, and even administrators do not understand the pricing disparities that libraries are experiencing for eBooks. We can be part of the solution by paying attention and sharing this information more broadly.