Progress on 23 Mobile Things…We Have Finishers!

We hope you are still enjoying the online learning provided by the 23 Mobile Things Program, and we wanted to take a quick minute to publicly congratulate some of our “high flyers” in the program. If you are off to a slow start, take heart, every bit of learning is valuable and is making you a better professional, better equipped to help your end users when they have questions about their devices or apps. But please don’t think I am letting you off easy, set your sites on completing at least the next five, request your badge, then see how great you feel. We guarantee, you will get hooked and want to continue!

icon_23_100px1CMLE Finishers of 23 Mobile Things

Yes folks, we have seven people in the CMLE region who have finished the program so far; others have until June 15, 2014. Some people are doing the program loud and proud, with a robust blog profile and picture,  others are flying under the radar, going incognito!

A huge congratulations to the following people:

  • Blog name: 23 in ’14: Carolyn Avaire, East Central Regional Library (ECRL)
  • Blog name: 23 Mobile Things: Duane Hawkinson, Monticello Public School Media Centers
  • Blog name: 23 New Ways of Looking at a Library: Katherine Morrow, ECRL
  • Blog name: The Adventures of SZSRocks: Zoma Olson, Elk River High School Media Staff
  • Blog name: How to Become an iPad Ninja in 23 Easy Steps: Holly Pringle, Becker School Media Specialist
  • Blog name: Library Connections: Sarah Hawkins, ECRL
  • Blog name: Sharvermobile: Great River Regional Library (GRRL)

We have an additional seven people who are sporting badges for completing either 5 or 10 of the Things. Well done! Keep going, you are doing great, and we will recognize you at the Finish Line too! I see many more blogs where people have not requested badges. Please do so, as it helps everyone  gauge other participants progress in the program. Tip:  If you are struggling on Thing 11, look for the people with a badge for 10 things, and check their blogs for hints or tips that might help you with that Thing. Better than randomly clicking on all blogs, right?

Did you expect to see your name on the list, but it is not there? Maybe you are not up to date on your badges?!

Badges! Each time you complete a group of five things (in any order), send an email to with your name, region and blog name and we will add a badge next to your blog on the blog list by region. If you have another place to display a badge, let us know that, too, and we will send you the badge to display. You can see the badges in the right sidebar of the main program page, and you can review all of the CMLE blogs at Good luck, enjoy the learning and sharing and see you online!

Prizes: CMLE participants who complete 23 Things will receive a completion prize and have their name entered in a special prize drawing from CMLE. You had to register your blog as described in Thing 1 and you need to complete all Things by June 15, 2014 to be eligible. Only registered Minnesota participants are eligible for prizes.  Keep on blogging, see you online!